* How can I pack the goods?

In our warehouses we can offer you this service if needed

* How the cargo is picked up or delivered?

The reception of your cargo can be done in your home or you can bring it in our warehouse

* What kind of documents will be required?

It depends of the nature of the goods and the destination. Mainly commercial invoice, packing list and an official document accredit in the case of a particular shipment.

* What document did I keep as a receipt?

When we proceed with the shipment you will receive our invoice, a copy of the airway bill and a receipt of the custom clearance

* How can I track my goods?

We offer a personal service to our customers, so the best way is to call us or contact us by e-mail.

* My goods are stopped in the custom and I don not know what to do.

Due to different problems this may happen, the best way is to prevent and ask us what requirements may ask us before the procedure.

* The goods did not arrive what should I do?

It may be a delay or may be a lost, there is an insurance included in the freight price to cover these problems, and also we got the possibility to make an all risk insurance under client request.

* How much is a shipment?

That depends of the origin, the destination, the weight and the nature.

* Should I pay additional charges?

The buyer and the seller accord who pay each charge. Only should be additional charges in the case of an unforeseen event.

* Must I give the documents or the person in origin?

The documents are given in origin, but the consignee should give any kind of document depending of the nature of the cargo.

* Where did you make the delivery? At what time?

The deliveries can be done where ever the consignee did need it and the time can be accorded when the custom clearance has been done.

* The cargo arrives and the piece is broken, what should I do?

Firstly to make a registration of the problem in the delivery receipt, after we will proceed to make the claim.

* There are special procedures to import food?

The food have special inspections in the custom, so the best way is to ask us to see what kind of procedure will be necessary to each kind of food.

* Can I ship animals?

Yes doing the necessaries procedures with the authority in charge, the veterinary in this case.

* Can I send dangerous goods?

Yes you can, but following the special normative of quantities per piece, kind of package, etc.

* What kina of transport should I use?

Firstly will depend of the urgency and the budget of the shipment.

* Can I recover the goods when the shipment has been initiated?

Yes but paying all the charges until the moment of the cancellation.